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514 Abbott Avenue
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657
The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo, Rector
Church Phone:  201-945-0079
Rector's Phone:  201-927-3788
Saint James' Episcopal Church
The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo
Church:  201-945-0079   Rector:  201-927-3788
Email:  frmarianog@gmail.com
The Rector, Wardens and Vestry of Saint James' Episcopal Church
Robin Plaszky - Class of 2020
862-414-1752  (cell)
Email: rplaszky@aol.com
Mike Herbig - Class of 2019
201-376-0497  (cell)
Email: m.herbig2@verizon.net
Vincent Frick                         
Email: VFrick@juno.com
Parish Administrator
Ida Major
Email:  stjamesridgefield@gmail.com
Organist and Choir Director
Ms. Svitlana Syrtsova
Cheri Yacono
Vestry Members
Class of 2021 - Vincent Frick, John Arnold and Dorothy Sippo
Class of 2020 - Ben Scibetta, Petr Malek and Yvonne Troia 
Class of 2019 - Nadine Filippini, Buz Ilch and Ande Stanowiec
Episcopal Diocese of Newark Convention Deputies
3 Year Term - Cheri Yacono  (2021)
2 Year Term - Robin Plaszky (2020)
1 Year Term - Gary Yacono   (2019)
Episcopal Diocese of Newark Convention Alternates
3 Year Term - Bonnie Ilch            (2021) 
2 Year Term - Ande Stanowiec  (2020)
1 Year Term - Michael Herbig    (2019)
For any emergency please contact the Rector or a Warden.  Their contact information is at the right.
Elections are held at our Annual Parish Meeting for Warden, Vestry and Convention Deputy Representative.
Any issues or questions  regarding this website may be emailed to Gary Yacono at stjamesnj@aol.com
If you would like to contact any of our lay leadership on this page you may use the
Church phone number
Kathy Provost & Dennis Provost
Asst. Treasurer
Yvonne Troia