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514 Abbott Avenue
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657
The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo, Rector
Church Phone:  201-945-0079
Rector's Phone:  201-927-3788
Saint James' Episcopal Church
Our 16th Annual Party-Lite Event was another success!
Our 16th Annual Party-Lite event was held on Sept. 17 at 12 noon in Bancroft Hall. Admission was free and refreshments were served. There were door prizes and raffle tickets sold for terrific gifts valued over $1,800. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Bobbie Albrecht on home decorating tips. 25% of the revenue was donated to St. James' Church less shipping & tax.  We thank all those who supported and attended this event.
Church School 
For all age groups Church School is held every Sunday during the 10:00 am Service. Chapel through post Confirmation. See Supt. Ms. Robin Plaszky for questions and guidance for new members. We have 30 children in our Sunday School! Come join this very active Church School of all ages. You may also speak to Father Mariano for more information at 201-927-3788. 

Altar Flowers and Bread & Wine Offerings

Memorials and thank offerings may be given to honor those with us and those at rest with the Lord. Contact Father Mariano for further information. To have your thanksgivings and memorials in the Sunday bulletin please inform Father Mariano two weeks prior to the Sunday so it may be placed in the Sunday Bulletin.

Shop-Rite Scrip Fundraiser

Shop at Shop-Rite? Then you can help St. James earn 5% of what you spend when you use Shop-Rite scrip instead of cash or debit/credit card. $10, $20, $25, $50 & $100 denominations are available after the 10 am Service every Sunday morning. Use this scrip the same as cash at Shop-Rite. St. James receives 5% of all scrip. This is an ongoing project designated for our stained glass window restoration project.

Sunday Hospitality Hour

We need volunteers for Hospitality Hours on Sundays. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the parish hall. Celebrate a special day such as a birthday, anniversary, etc. Please ask the Wardens for assistance if you wish to host one Sunday.  We have openings on the list.  Don't be shut out, get your special day now!

The Miles of Pennies Tradition

The “Miles of Pennies” fund assists in St. James’ Church utility bills throughout the year. All the spare change you collect may be donated to the Miles of Pennies to continue this charitable tradition.

The Pilgrim - St. James' Church Newsletter  (The electronic copies are available now on this website page to the left.) You may subscribe to our monthly newsletter sent to you by email to the left at Seek & Find.

We would like to know of birthdays, anniversaries and any happening in your life that you would like to share. Please send information and comments to St. James’, The Pilgrim, 514 Abbott Ave., Ridgefield, NJ 07657 or e-mail:  To request a paper copy of The Pilgrim please contact the Rector or e-mail us.

In Search Of Saint James' Church Historical Information

We are looking for articles, photographs and old stories about St. James’ Church.  If you have any information on St. James’ Episcopal Church and its history please speak to  Rev. Mariano Gargiulo.  We can copy and scan any of your old photos and stories so you may keep the original if you wish.  We are preparing a history of this fine Church and its people.  Participation is very much appreciated by all who may help.

Saint James' Church Photos

The photo's from Saint James' Church can be found on our "Home Page" link or on the "Links" page on this website.  All events photographed are posted on  The link will bring you directly to our flickr Photo page. 100's of new photos have been uploaded!


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